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Jiangsu Institute of Educational Science, Teaching Location: Nanjing and Yanchen city.


· Teach English in China
· Full Time  position
· Unspecified

Jiangsu Institute of Educational Science, Teaching Location: Nanjing and Yanchen city.

Salary: 5,000-6,000rmb a month, 14-18 hours a week.Offering ticket allowance and Free housing on or off campus.

Please send your resume, passport, photos and degree to us as soon as you can.

Contact Person: Gao Shan Liu Shui, Email:, Cellphone: 15618772128

Jiangsu Institute of Educational Science and Jiangsu Institute of Education are located beside the ancient Rock Wall in the west of the city of Nanjing, with beautiful Qingliang Hill to the south and cloud-kissing Jiangsu Television Tower to the north. The institute occupies an area of 400 mu (32ha). It is well known for its beautiful campus with green trees and fragrant flowers all the year round, random but orderly teaching buildings of both modern and traditional Chinese architecture styles. It is a place of accumulated culture with an elegant environment.

Jiangsu Institute of Education evolved from the Nanjing Teachers Training School was founded in 1952. It was redesignated as Jiangsu Institute of Education in 1958 when it merged with the Training School for Education Administrators of Jiangsu Province. It was incorporated into Nanjing Normal College in 1969 during the Cultural Revolution period and reopened in 1978. It is an institution of higher learning for adult education, oriented to teacher training.

The institute is committed to the training of the administrative personnel and teachers from key provincial middle schools, average senior middle schools, normal schools, county teacher training schools, and municipal and country or district education bureaus. Additionally, it has undertaken the UNESCO/UNDP/ 420 and 401 Projects to train primary and secondary school principals from the remote and minority areas of the country. In 1993, it was established as the institution in charge of the examinations for independent study teachers of primary and secondary schools, as well as kindergarten. In 2000 the Chinese Ministry of Education designated it as the base training site for mainstay principals and backbone teachers at the state level. The institute promotes the school spirit of “ advocating ethics, dedicating to work, seeking truth and blazing new trails”. In November 2001, the institute was evaluated and designated a high-quality institute by the Provincial Department of Education.

Today, the institute has three campuses- Cao Chang Men, Gu Ping Gang and Pu Jiang. As part of the effort to reform general education of medium-level normal schools and to upgrade the training of primary school teachers, the provincial government integrate the resources of the following academic institutions: Dong Wu Foreign Language Normal School, Shu Qian , Nan Tong , Ru Gao, Yan Cheng, Fu Ning, Xu Zhou, Yun He and Wu Xi Senior Normal Schools. They are attached to Jiangsu Institue of Education as branch institutes.

The combined resources include 16 departments with over 30 specialities: Education Administration, Educational Psychology, Chinese Language and Literature, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, English, Political Education, History, Geographic science, Physics, Chemistry, Biological Science, Music, Fine Art, Pre-Education, Primary Education, Physical Education, Education Technology, Economic Management, Computer Science and Technology, Practical Fine Art, Applied Chemistry, Modern Secretary, Tourism Management, Accounting, E-Commerce, Finance and Trade English, Environment Education, Industrial and Commercial Management, Website and Muti-Media. In addition, since 2003, the institute has offered seven courses to 5-year diploma students helping them to get bachelor’s degree. Also the Provincial Middle School Teachers Training Centre and the Education Administrative Personnel Training Centre are attached to the institute. And the institute has some other affiliated sections, namely: Teaching and Research Offices like: Marxism, Ethical Education, Physical Education, Population Education; Modern Education Technology Centre; Library and Educational Training Service Centre. The institute also has branch colleges at different places in the province.

The institute is very active in developing international exchange and cooperation. Working in collaboration with UNESCO, UNDP and the World Bank, it successfully implemented UNDP/CPR/420 and 401 Projects and the teacher training project for population education. A large number of teachers and managerial cadres have been dispatched to America, Britain, Germany, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Demark, Japan, Singapore and Thailand for study, investigation or academic exchanges. Meanwhile a host of foreign experts and scholars have been invited to give lectures or teach for extended periods at the institute. Friendly cooperative relations have been established between the institute and the universities in the above mentioned countries, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In January 2002 the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province decided to merge the Jiangsu Institute of Education, the Research Institute of Educational Science, and the Teaching and Research Office for Primary and Secondary Schools in Jiangsu Province into the Jiangsu Institute of Educational Science. The newly established Jiangsu Institute of Educational Science will retain the label of Jiangsu Institute of Education, and Jingsu Institute of Education is still an entity of school education. It continues to offer education at college and university level. Jiangsu Institute of Educational Science has the following functions: (1) Undertaking the major scientific research projects at both state and provincial levels; (2) Offering professional training for education administrators, primary and secondary school teachers and principals; (3) Developing post-graduate education in order to prepare high-level managerial personnel of the expert type; and (4) Giving guidance to teaching and research on the subject of secondary education.

Jiangsu Institute of Educational Science and Jiangsu Institute of Education have a satisfactory infrastructure with a comprehensive system of management. It has a building of Modern Educational Technology and an Arts and Sports Building, each with a floorspace of about 12,000 square metres. The new building with 18,800 square metres will be completed in 2005 and will be used as Comprehensive Educational Research Centre by the end of 2005. The library has a floorspace of 8,600 square metres with collection of 400,000 copies of books. The institute also has modernized facilities such as the campus website and cable TV system.

The institute has a teaching staff with rich teaching experiences, high level of academic attainments, and professional qualifications. Of the 508 faculty and staff, 267 are full time teachers among whom 151 are professors, associate professors and senior technical personnel. Some of the professors have master’s degree students of other universities. Additionally, the institute invites experts and scholars who are well known at home and abroad to give lectures and teach at the campus. Famous school principals and educational administrators have been appointed as part-time professors to work for the institute. Currently, the registered student number is 18,900.

The institute emphasizes educational scientific research. There are 11 branch institutes doing scientific research, such as: Provincial Educational Science Planning Office, Educational Development Research Centre, Primary and Secondary Textbooks Research Centre, Kindergarten and Special Education Research Institute, General Education Research Institute, Vocational and Life-long Education Research Institute, High Education Research Institute and Modern Education Technology Research Institute. “The Journal of Jiangsu Institute of Education” is assessed as an excellent publication of the province and country and is published all over China. The other two periodicals “Jiangsu Education Research” and “School Management” also have good reputations throughout the country

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Please send your resume, passport, photos and degree to us as soon as you can.

Contact Person: Gao Shan Liu Shui, Email:, Cellphone: 15618772128

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